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Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Fund for Investigative Journalism, Video Consortium, Docs in Progress, D-Word, International Women’s Media Foundation, Global Investigative Journalism Network, Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, International Documentary Association, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Documentary Producers Alliance, DCEFF Environmental Film Festival, SIMA, Women in Film & Video Washington DC, Southern Documentary Fund, Asian Documentary Network, Documentary Organization of Canada, ICIJ, Media Impact Funders, SVA NYC, Rory Peck Trust, and IRE.


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Please join us in thanking all of the #DXIFF23 volunteers! Many come to us as students, recent grads, post-grads, aspiring documentary filmmakers, photographers, journalists, editors, artists, social media gurus, writers, and podcast hosts. When you see one wearing a DXIFF volunteer tee shirt – working tirelessly to help make the festival a success – please let them know they are appreciated. They are standing by to field any questions related to #DXIFF23. From A to X, maybe you’ll see one of these names featured at a future DX Fest:


Aletheia Couts, Amanda Dowd, Ananya Gondesi, Anaya Thomas, Andrew Powers, Anisa Pugh, Annie Xiao, Bonnie Rowan, Brian Micsky, Campbell Cook, Carrie Mcguinness, Colin Wagner, Courtney Kushnir, Danaeya Witherspoon, Daria Nastasia, David Soltz, Deepti Pradhan, Diamoni Patterson, DuWayne Portis, Dylan Ebs, Ella Mitchell, Elle Green, Giovanni Osorio, Heena Kausar, Izzy Wagener, Jamaica Kalika, Jelena Wells, Jerel Tait, Jhanae Hardy, Jina Zhao, Jordyn Rattler, Journey-Ade king, Kadin Smith, Kayla Skeete, Kendi McMilller, Kennedy Donnie, Kennedy Simpkins, Khali Terry, Kiara Hines, Kiara Taylor, Kristen-Lill Umegbolu, Leonardo Elie, Madison Fowlkes, Makenna Underwood, Mary Rose Hendricks, Matilda Mubiru, Myla Roundy, Nicholas Aguirre Zafiro, Nyle Paul, Olivia DiPalermo, Oliver Ni, Patty Nieberg, Peter chamoun, Ryan DeRosa, Samiya Amrani, Stephen Baranowski, Sydney Lewis, Teresa Varadan, Thea Belle Flanzer, Trae Mitchell, Tyler Giles, Vanessa Benonis, Xhep Xhep


World Premiere: The Price Of Truth, Director’s Cut

The extraordinary story of a man who risks everything to preserve freedom of speech in Russia. In December 2021, Dmitry Muratov is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the editor-in-chief of Russia’s only independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta. Six of his journalists have been murdered after their reports displeased the state. In February 2022, Russia invades Ukraine. In early March, Muratov secretly negotiates free passage for forty journalists with the Latvian government. Then he returns to Moscow to look after his paper and its remaining staff. To this day, he refuses to leave Moscow, whatever the pressure on him and his team. “Putin stands for death,” Muratov says. “I stand for life.”

With a pre-recorded message to the festival from Muratov, and audience talkback with director Patrick Forbes, moderated by David Herszenhorn of The Washington Post.

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New documentary shows ‘The Price of Truth’ in Putin’s Russia

The film follows Nobel Prize-winning Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov as he tries to keep the country’s last independent newspaper in operation.

Aboard a train leaving Moscow in April 2022, Nobel Prize-winning Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov was doused in red paint laced with acetone, damaging his eyesight.

As the editor-in-chief of Russia’s last independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, Muratov is no stranger to the consequences of printing the truth in Vladimir Putin’s autocratic Russia: his paper has seen six journalists murdered since its inception in 1993. The Price of Truth, a documentary directed by Patrick Forbes, follows Muratov as he endeavored to keep the paper in operation after Russia invaded Ukraine. The newspaper suspended operations in Russia in March 2022, citing “military censorship,” and was ultimately stripped of its Russian media license in September 2022.

ICIJ interviewed Forbes about press freedom and Muratov’s fight to print the truth in a country where journalists are constantly under threat. The film is part of the Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival and Symposium, a forum dedicated to highlighting investigative journalism through a visual lens.

Diana Schemo Unveils Lineup for DC’s Ninth Annual Double Exposure Film Festival

Diana Schemo, Founder & Director of the Double Exposure Film Festival & Symposium, spoke with Eileen about the upcoming event. It is the nation’s only investigative film festival and will feature a full slate of premier features and documentaries from November 2nd – 5th here in DC.

Most of this year’s films will take place at the newly renovated Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library’s 290-seat theater. To learn more about the 9th Double Exposure Film Festival & Symposium here.

43 Things to Do in the DC Area This Week: DC Beer Fest, Adams Morgan Porchfest, and Día de los Muertos Festival

Investigative reporting and visual storytelling come together at this film festival for journalists and filmmakers. The opening night film selection is the DC premiere of Locked Out—an investigative documentary exploring the racial gap in homeownership. Most of the screenings will take place at MLK Memorial Library; there will also be symposiums led by industry experts on the topics of voting rights, AI, storytelling, and more.