11 Film Festivals to Watch in the DC Area This Fall

Investigative reporting and visual storytelling come together at this film festival for journalists and filmmakers. The opening night film selection is the DC premiere of Locked Out—an investigative documentary exploring the racial gap in homeownership. Most of the screenings will take place at MLK Memorial Library; there will also be symposiums led by industry experts on the topics of voting rights, AI, storytelling, and more.

The 29 best things to do in D.C. this weekend and next week

The only film festival in the United States devoted to investigative filmmaking is making its home in the heart of downtown D.C., at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library’s newly renovated 290-seat theater. Double Exposure spans four days of film screenings and a symposium aimed at professionals in journalism and filmmaking who want to hone their craft. The full lineup includes 17 films, touching on subjects including the growing racial gap in homeownership in “Locked Out,” the rise and fall of the market for NFT digital art in “Minted,” and the United States’ tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan in “Hollywoodgate.”

At Double Exposure Film Festival, Stripped for Parts Uncovers How American Journalists Fought a Private Hedge Fund Takeover

The documentary Stripped for Parts: American Journalism on the Brink tells the story of a secretive hedge fund’s takeover of America’s local news industry through the eyes of journalists who worked at the papers Alden acquired. Alden Global Capital gradually bought out local newspapers across the United States, laying off journalists to reap a profit with little concern for the news industry’s role as a public service. From the Bay Area, to Denver, to Baltimore, journalists fought back. We sat down with producer and director Rick Goldsmith to go behind the film and discuss the future of local journalism.