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“Another Body” Takes Aim At Deepfake Porn

This riveting documentary follows “Taylor Klein,” a student and deepfake porn victim, who seeks to unmask an anonymous dark web predator who superimposed her face onto sex scenes without her consent. The videos were widely circulated on websites like PornHub.

Doc Shorts Stand Tall at Double Exposure Film Festival

Themes ranging from the aftermath of war to citizen-led protests and police violence ran through the second slate of shorts at Double Exposure’s ninth edition. The films featured included, “23,” “The Smallest Power,” “Suddenly TV,” “The Night Doctrine,” and “Incident.”

14 Things To Do Around D.C. This Weekend

Dive into the worlds of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, deepfakes, NFTs and much more at this year’s Double Exposure Investigative Film Fest. Dedicated to the intersection of investigative reporting and visual storytelling, the festival highlights documentaries that go digging for the truth.

11 Film Festivals to Watch in the DC Area This Fall

Investigative reporting and visual storytelling come together at this film festival for journalists and filmmakers. The opening night film selection is the DC premiere of Locked Out—an investigative documentary exploring the racial gap in homeownership.

The 29 best things to do in D.C. this weekend and next week

The only film festival in the United States devoted to investigative filmmaking is making its home in the heart of downtown D.C., at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library’s newly renovated 290-seat theater.


Our #DXIFF partners play an instrumental role in the  success in of the  festival & symposium year after year, and 2023 is no different. Thank you for locking arms in this celebration of investigative storytelling. This year’s partners include:

New documentary shows ‘The Price of Truth’ in Putin’s Russia

The film follows Nobel Prize-winning Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov as he tries to keep the country’s last independent newspaper in operation. As the editor-in-chief of Russia’s last independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, Muratov is no stranger to the consequences of printing the truth in Vladimir Putin’s autocratic Russia.

Diana Schemo Unveils Lineup for DC’s Ninth Annual Double Exposure Film Festival

WASHINGTON (7News) — Diana Schemo Founder & Director of the Double Exposure Film Festival & Symposium spoke with Eileen about the upcoming event. It is the nation’s only investigative film festival and will feature a full slate of premier features and documentaries from November 2nd – 5th here in DC.