Free Community Screening: September 18, “Kill the Messenger” at THEARC

Action star Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker, The Avengers) delves into the shadowy world of investigative journalism as Gary Webb, the real-life journalist who remains one of the most controversial of our times. In the vein of “All the President’s Men,” this thriller follows Webb’s allegations that the CIA supported Nicaraguan contra efforts through the importation of crack cocaine into American cities. Threatened against releasing his evidence, in 1996 Webb nevertheless wrote a three-part series in the San Jose Mercury News — paying for it with his reputation and ultimately his life.


Free Community Screening: September 18, “Gideon’s Army” at Georgetown University

September 18: “Gideon’s Army” at Georgetown University

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right … to have the assistance of counsel for his defense” — Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution. But with 15,000 public defenders for 12 million arrests per year, this unalienable right becomes a civil rights battle for those unable to afford a lawyer. “Gideon’s Army” follows three of its soldiers as they navigate the emotional and personal strain of handling hundreds of cases at once, simultaneously introducing viewers to defendants and their struggle — frightening, heartbreaking, and inspiring — for equality in the courtroom.

Free Community Screening: September 16, “Merchants of Doubt” at Martin Luther King Jr. Library

September 16: “Merchants of Doubt” 6:30pm at MLK Library.
Adversaries for hire. Robert Kenner’s 2014 documentary enters the world of scientific gunslingers, experts paid by corporations to publicly contest research findings that may hurt their bottom line. This world, Merchants of Doubt posits, is one in which global warming, DDT, acid rain, tobacco, ozone, and asbestos remain controversial at the benefit of big business and the mouthpieces they hire — and the expense of scientific communities overwhelmingly adamant about the need for regulatory action.

Free Community Screening: September 13, “Poverty, Inc.” at Busboys and Poets (14th &V)

The Investigative Film Festival is proud to present a free community screening of “Poverty, Inc.” on September 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Busboys and Poets. The 2014 documentary questions the system of entrenched humanitarian aid in developing countries — what impact do free goods have on local economies? Why is NGO presence perpetual? Is altruism profitable? Director Michael Matheson Miller interviews 200 community leaders from 20 nations in a quest to find out.

The first Investigative Film Festival in the United States aims to facilitate discourse about the marriage of media and journalism and its impact on the issues of today. Free community screenings will be provided throughout September and the Festival will take place September 30-October 2 at the National Portrait Gallery.