Sophie Compton


"Another Body"

Sophie Compton is a British director, writer, and activist who tells women’s stories of injustice. As the artistic director of Power Play, she has produced and directed six plays, including Fringe First-winning Funeral Flowers, taken on an Offie-nominated UK Tour (Bunker, BGAC). She has produced and directed work at Tate Modern, Science Museum, and V&A, and she is currently directing the feature documentary Holloway following ex-prisoners returning to the abandoned Holloway Prison (supported by Arts Council England). Compton has led global activist campaigns that have led to changes to UK arts policy and Law Commission proposals for new legislation, and she has been invited to steering groups for international NGOs including the World Economic Forum. She trained in trauma-informed practice with Clean Break and draws on community activism to develop projects that empower women in process as well as output. She is an editor for climate magazine It’s Freezing in LA! Another Body is Compton’s feature debut.

Participating Sessions

Spotlight Film: Another Body

A college student searches for justice after she discovers deepfake pornography of herself circulating online.

Using and Abusing Deepfakes: The Dangers and Potential of AI in Documentary

Pseudonyms and blurred faces. Altered voices. Filming in silhouette. Masking victims. Faced with the challenging question of protecting the anonymity of film subjects who have already been victimized once, a handful of investigative filmmakers are turning to deep fakery. Using artificial intelligence, they are able to alter the appearance and voice of their source, restoring the humanity of vulnerable subjects as they tell their stories. How do filmmakers make that...