Shawn Hazelett

Writer and Producer


Brooklyn-based and Midwest-raised, Shawn Hazelett directs and produces documentary, commercial, and scripted work, political ads and PSAs, and has collaborated with Facebook, TED, WhatsApp, Marvel, Disney+, and Microsoft. Passionate about social issue-driven stories, he has filmed in 19 countries and 4 continents, with work featured in Bloomberg, The New Yorker, Business Insider, and Al Jazeera, among others.

Participating Sessions

Film Screening: Minted

A fascinating look at the intersection of art, commerce, and digital ownership through the rise and crash of the NFT market.

The Future (Disappearance?) of Digital Abundance

NFTs and digital currency were once celebrated as offering a futuristic, if barely understood, path forward, both for countless people trying to get rich and for content creators including filmmakers and journalists. Creators saw a way for their followers to support their work, often through the purchase of NFTs, creating a kind of membership base to fund their work. The collapse of cryptocurrency erased $2 trillion in wealth, 80 percent...