Reem Akkad

Visual Enterprise Editor

The Washington Post

Reem Akkad is the visual enterprise editor for The Washington Post’s Foreign Desk, charged with imagining and executing immersive multimedia storytelling on the world’s most urgent stories. Working in collaboration with photo, video, print, design and graphics, she has overseen a wide range of visually driven projects, from the toll of covid-19 on India to Scotland’s push for renewable energy. Akkad was previously a senior producer for the original video team at The Post, where she helped lead a team of 10 video journalists who film, produce and edit short- and medium-form pieces, as well as long-form multimedia projects.

Participating Sessions

The Art of Visual News

In an era shaped by the omnipresence of social media and a burgeoning demand for greater inclusivity in journalism, a fresh wave of younger audiences is gravitating towards unconventional modes of visual news consumption. This panel seeks to delve into the realm of innovative storytelling methods that are blossoming within newsrooms eager to forge deeper connections with a media-savvy demographic. As this ongoing experimentation gives rise to a variety of...