Paco de Onís

Executive Producer

Skylight Solidarilabs

Paco de Onís grew up in several Latin American countries during a time of dictatorships. He is the executive director and executive producer of Skylight, a human rights media organization. Skylight creates documentary films and innovative media tools tied to long-term strategies for positive social change. Through Skylight SolidariLabs, the organization combines the skills of documentary filmmakers, artists, journalists, technologists and activists, with the aim of building enduring networks for 21st century human rights practice. Paco’s film producing credits include 500 Years; Granito: How to Nail a Dictator; Rebel Citizen; Disruption; State of Fear; and The Reckoning.

Participating Sessions

Out of Sight/Top of Mind: Covering War’s Forgotten Casualties

Within the multifaceted nature of any conflict, there exists both conspicuous and obscured narratives. Beyond the geopolitical protagonists lie the stories of everyday individuals entangled in warfare, grappling with the harrowing transformation of their forever-changed lives. In this panel discussion, we embark on an exploration of the hidden casualties of war and the profound implications of documenting their experiences through the lens of a camera. Delving into the dynamics of...