Olivia Yarvis

DX Student Pitch

Olivia produces stories about the human impacts of politics and policy, with a focus on community organizing. In the past, she’s worked with FRONTLINE, CNN, 60 Second Docs, and on GBH productions including “American Experience.” Her latest work, created as a multimedia fellow at the Texas Tribune, focused on topics ranging from mass shooting vigils and rampant antisemitism, to child abuse investigations waged on families with transgender children.

Participating Sessions


In today’s competitive market, learning how to effectively pitch your documentary is just as important as honing your writing and editing skills. And who better to learn from than the experts? Six college students enrolled in film and journalism programs across the U.S. will present their projects to a panel of industry professionals. Judith Helfand, independent filmmaker and co-founder of Chicken & Egg Pictures, will moderate and provide pitch training.