Eric Feder


As a litigator, Eric Feder has represented clients in cases involving defamation, copyright infringement and fair use, invasion of privacy and right of publicity, anti-SLAPP, reporter’s privilege, public access to the courts and the Freedom of Information Act, as well as general commercial litigation. Feder has extensive experience litigating and analyzing these issues in the digital and online context, and has developed expertise in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Communications Decency Act immunities for posting third-party content; libel on social media platforms; potential liability from embedding content from other websites; and the unique jurisdictional issues that arise when content published online is technically accessible from any computer around the globe.

Participating Sessions

Uncovering Democracy in Peril: Voting Rights

In the runup to the US presidential election, the right to vote has become increasingly challenged, if not imperiled. Journalists and filmmakers stand on the front lines, charged with documenting this battle over democracy’s defining feature. This panel will discuss the how-tos of telling the physical and the invisible stories of a beleaguered democracy, the legal basics for covering elections, and safety measures for photographers, filmmakers, and journalists in the...