03:00 PM
 - 04:30 PM

Using a successful grant application as the framework, this workshop — led by the Director of Institute Granting at Sundance and Program Officer of IDA Grants, along with one successful grantee of both institutions — will unpack and analyze the elements that make for a winning proposal. It’ll go over red flags and common pitfalls, with strategies for addressing them. You’ll leave with tips on how to clearly and succinctly present your project in a way that will allow grant-makers to understand your vision, how you’ll execute the project, and how it aligns with the mission of their foundation. The workshop will conclude with a “logline” bootcamp, with tips and tools for effectively and efficiently describing your project to garner interest and attention. Please submit your logline for facilitator feedback by following this link. The deadline for submission is Tuesday, October 12 at 5:00 p.m. P.T.