Ricardo Sandoval-Palos

Public Editor


Ricardo Sandoval-Palos is the Public Editor of the Public Broadcasting Service. In that role he serves as the interlocutor between audiences and PBS and its community of content creators.

Sandoval-Palos is an award-winning investigative reporter and multimedia editor. He has helped shape the reporting teams at nonprofit newsrooms such as InsideClimate News and palabra., the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ new digital publishing platform.

Sandoval-Palos is a former Supervising Editor of NPR’s Morning Edition broadcast and was an editor with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. He was also a Latin America correspondent for The Dallas Morning News and San Jose Mercury News, and an investigative reporter for the Orange County Register and the San Francisco Examiner.

His work has been recognized by the Overseas Press Club, the Inter-American Press Association, the Gerald Loeb Awards for Business Journalism, the Society of Professional Journalists, Boston College’s Myers Center Awards and the Los Angeles Press Club.

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In Myanmar, anonymous filmmakers mix chilling footage of police arrests and killings filmed by citizen journalists with fictionalized scenes by an anonymous filmmaker collective that give voice to fear and despair, struggle and resistance, following that country’s military takeover in February 2021. Anna Shishova, in The New Greatness Case, zeroes in on a KGB sting that entrapped teenagers into challenging the authority of Vladimir Putin, landing them in prison, to...