Rajvi Desai

DX Student Pitch

Rajvi Desai is a non-binary South Asian filmmaker based in New York City. Her work focuses on issues at the intersection of race and gender, especially the experiences of Black and Brown queer people in society, in the criminal justice system and in the institution of commercial sports. She is the recipient of a seed grant from Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation, with which she is currently developing a short documentary centering trans journalists of color. Her short documentary, Hold On To Me, will premiere at NewFest in October 2022.

Participating Sessions


In today’s competitive market, learning how to effectively pitch your documentary is just as important as honing your writing and editing skills. And who better to learn from than the experts? Six college students enrolled in film and journalism programs across the U.S. will present their projects to a panel of industry professionals. Judith Helfand, independent filmmaker and co-founder of Chicken & Egg Pictures, will moderate and provide pitch training.