Leen Karadsheh

Leen Karadsheh is a Jordanian filmmaker based in New York and the Middle East. Her work has premiered on HBO, PBS Frontline, and Amazon Prime. With a passion for documenting global stories, Leen’s work ranges from following the infamous self-help group NXIVM for HBO’s The Vow, unpacking the 40-year-long rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran in PBS Frontline’s two-part special, Bitter Rivals, and adapting the NY Times best-selling book, The Badass Librarians of Timbuktu into a feature documentary following a band of librarians who pull off a brazen heist to save ancient Arabic texts from destruction at the hands of terrorists. Most recently, Leen produced Amazon Prime’s Flight/Risk, following the tragic crashes of Boeing’s brand new 737 MAX aircraft, which killed 346 people. She is currently producing animations and VFX for HBO’s flagship series, The Vow, and at work on an unannounced feature documentary in production.

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Theranos. WeWork. Uber. Anna Delvey. Harvey Weinstein. Over the past year, the entertainment industry has brought true stories of corporate fraud, scandal, and power abuse to the screen, as part of a growing trend in Hollywood to transform adaptations of non-fiction journalism into film and television. Whistleblowers are also beginning to take to storytelling via social media and podcasts, transcending the gatekeepers of book agents or journalists to share valuable...