The Slow Hustle
90 MIN
Sonja Sohn,
2021 •
 United States
August 19, 2023
 • 1:00 PM

A bullet to the head of a Baltimore police detective sets off a constantly unraveling mystery that ultimately reveals the depth of corruption and the profound complexities of policing in urban America today. When Baltimore police detective Sean Suiter is shot and killed on duty the day before he is scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury, a mystery unravels that raises questions about what story he was going to tell about his fellow officers. The now infamous Gun Trace Task Force investigation exposed members of an elite task force that proved to be one of the dirtiest police units in US history. From director Sonja Sohn, of Baltimore Rising and star of HBO’s The Wire, comes an American tale of how the culture of corruption penetrates the system at every level, destroying lives, as ordinary citizens, hardworking local journalists, and a few rebellious public servants endeavor to pick up the pieces.

This program is presented by Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival in partnership with the DC Public Library, as part of a new series of year-round screenings of investigative films. Following the screening, we'll have an audience talkback with Justin Fenton, author of We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Cops, and Corruption, moderated by DC journalist Nicki Mayo.

The screening takes place at Mount Pleasant Library, 3160 16th Street, NW.