Crossing Borders

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Crossing Borders

Dear Investigative Journalists and Filmmakers,

Double Exposure is excited to announce the 2023 edition of Crossing Borders, brought to you by Double Exposure, in association with CrossCurrents Foundation.

Crossing Borders brings together leading representatives from film and journalism platforms to give feedback on select projects in front of a live audience.

We are seeking projects from journalists and filmmakers¬† centered on social justice, human rights, and government accountability. Our goal is to create a platform for newsrooms and filmmakers to cross over into each other’s fields, learn from each other, and elevate the impact of their work.

Projects selected for Crossing Borders will show excerpts of their work and receive feedback from representatives on both sides. Newsrooms moving print projects into film, and filmmakers venturing into investigative territory are encouraged to submit their pitches for consideration.

In practice, this means that text-based news operations will hear directly from film programmers about how to strengthen the visual story they are telling. Filmmakers who may lack a background in journalism can learn more about using journalism to undergird character-driven stories and connect them to the broader issues at stake.

We invite you to submit your project to Crossing Borders and be a part of this exciting initiative. Selected projects will have the opportunity to showcase their work to a diverse and engaged audience, receive valuable feedback from industry professionals, and network with colleagues from across the aisle.

Stay tuned for more information on the projects being presented at Crossing Borders. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work.

Crossing Borders is sponsored by the CrossCurrents Foundation